Zoo Nouveau on The Quilt Show!


Hello! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted as I’ve been nose to the grindstone, and now I have such exciting news! As some of you may know, I volunteer and work with The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims and their wonderful cast and crew. I help behind the scenes while they are in Denver taping and also design the TQS show technique blocks to go along with each show so their members can follow along and practice a technique they’ve seen.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been working on developing a method of quilting (and a book series) that allows you to not only quilt as you go, but also design the quilt that you are working 0n based on a theme or an idea. TQS has been incredibly supportive of this concept and has asked me to design their summer sampler for 2017. Needless to say, I’m honored and thrilled. This quilt, Zoo Nouveau, is what I came up with. It features quilt-as-you-go and around 20 different both art and traditional quilting techniques.  As a member of TQS, you can follow right along with us this summer as we work this quilt-along. We will provide patterns and highlights through short videos to break this project down into manageable chunks of fun. The project will start with the materials list posted in May and run through September, 2017.

If you’re not already a member of TQS and are interested in seeing what it is all about, hop on over to http://www.thequiltshow.com and check them out. I personally have learned such a huge amount about quilting in a few short years just by watching the show and seeing all the talented quilt artists they feature. I am so thankful to be a part of a team that is all about educating and inspiring budding quilters and artists.

Here is the latest Cross Craft Sunday video that shows how to embroider a shisha mirror onto a quilt and then also talks a bit more about this exciting project. If you are wanting to add a few more tools to your quilters’ toolbox, please consider joining TQS and following along with us. We are here to help you enjoy the precious creative time you’ve carved out for yourself and to walk with you on your own “Quilt As Inspired” journey. Enjoy! xoxo

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Needle Felting

One of my most favorite things to do! No plan or mad skills needed. Just a few basic materials and a couple of hours on a Sunday morning. Find the video tutorial here:


Needle Felt Journal Cover


Note: This can be done for any size book. Just make sure you are adding an extra inch tall and an extra inch (or two) wide for bigger and thicker books. Always err on the side of cutting too big.

Journal/book:                 6”x9”

Wool Felt:                      14”x11” (to allow for shrinkage.)

Inspired Fabric:              Lining=13”x10”/Flaps=two fussy cut10”x10”

Coordinating Fabric:        Binding=2.25”x50”

Felting Supplies:              Foam, Felt, Roving, Felting Needles, Trims, Flosses


  1. For the left flap, find a 5” section of the fabric that you like for the inside covers. Add 5” of fabric to the right and cut that 10” piece. Fold in half and press so you have a 5”x10” flap for the left side. Repeat the opposite for the right.
  1. If you’re fussy cutting the lining, Place the center of your motif on the vertical 10” line of your cutting mat and cut 7.5” on either side of that line for a 13” wide piece of lining.
  1. Follow the 2/5/2017 Needle Felting video on the Quilt As Inspired channel. When working on your piece, stay 1” away from all edges as we will be trimming. Otherwise, felt, embroider and play your heart out.
  1. When complete, trim your felt down to 13”x10.” Place it on your surface WS up and then place the lining RS up on top of that. Pin the long sides and corners and baste it in place 1/8.”
  1. Put the folded flaps in place, matching all raw edges and making sure that the fold is in toward the center where you would insert the book. Pin and baste in place on same line.
  1. Take your 50” (may have had to piece it) binding strip and fold it in half lengthwise with WS together, match the raw edges, and stitch it onto the felt side of the piece working bias corners as if you were binding a quilt. Hand stitch it in place on the lining side. NOTE: If this is new to you, google “binding a quilt” and you will come up with tons of in depth descriptions of how to work this. Enjoy your beautiful new creation!
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Beaded Bead Vlog is Up!

It’s up! You can find the video tutorial for making these beads here:

Beaded Bead Wheels



1.  Cut an 18″‘length of beading thread and place it on a beading needle.

2. String (one large bead then one small bead) 10 times total. (20 beads.) leave a 4″ tail.

3. Use tail and main thread to tie a square knot to form a ring. Go through all the beads again & exit out a small bead.

4.  *String 5 small beads, skip one large and pass through next small bead. Repeat from * around circle to end. Exit out the third bead in the next 5 group.

5.  *String one small, one large, one small and pass through the third bead from the next 5 group strung on last round. Repeat from * around.

6.  Go through all beads in this outer circle. Exit out the third bead in next group from no. 4.

7. *string 5 small beads, skip one small, one large, one small, and pass through third bead of the next 5 group from no.4. Repeat from * and exit out third bead from next group of this round.

8. * string one large, pass through next small, repeat from * to end. Pass through all beads in this round one or two more times then weave the tail through random beads to finish off and strengthen.

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Beaded Bead Wheels…


Beaded Bead Wheels Materials List:

30 Large Beads  *  130 Small beads

Beading needle (John James 10 or 12)

Nymo beading thread

Large beads could mean: size 6 seed beads or 4mm crystals or bicones

Small beads could mean: size 8 or 11 seed beads or Delicas

Different combos will give you different results as you’ll see in the next

Cross Craft Sundays Vlog to be posted to the “Quilt As Inspired” YouTube channel on Sunday, January 29.

Instructions will be posted here that day as well, but for anyone interested in making these along with me, I wanted to give you a materials list ahead of time.

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Scrappy Happy Ohio Star Quilt Block Quilt


This week’s cross craft video is on making the very simple fussy cut Ohio star blocks and then quilting and assembling them to make this scrappy happy quilt. It is for anyone interested, but a special gift to my fellow members of the Arapahoe County Quilt Guild here in Denver for our block exchange party in May.

It’s a sample of one of the ways I “Quilt As Inspired,” which incidentally, has recently become a federally registered trademark. Woot!

It’s 43 minutes long so grab some hand stitching, a cuppa and enjoy! xoxo

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From Drawings and Photos to Fabric

…in less than 30 seconds.

Today’s Cross Craft Sunday video is a demo on Transfer Eze – the best product I have found so far for quickly transferring photos, drawings and digital designs to fabric. Great for thread painting, embroidery, fabric painting, turned applique and more!

Check it out at:


Next Sunday, I’ll be showing a fussy cut Ohio Star Block for the block exchange party we will be having for the Arapahoe County Quilt Guild’s 30 year anniversary party. I’ll demonstrate fabric selection, fussy cutting, assembly and quilting of the individual blocks.

If you’re enjoying the Sundays in Your P.J.’s videos, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Quilt As Inspired, to get notifications of new techniques and join my cross crafting craziness!


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Cross Crafting this week=Cross Stitching

Lately, I’ve been all about embroidery and very recently, good old cross stitching. It was what we used to make our Christmas ornaments this year. While searching the internets, I found some really great simple designs to create for our ornament making party.


Watch the most recent video on the Quilt As Inspired YouTube channel to see how to design and stitch out your own patterns in the iPad app: StitchSketch.


Can you guess this pop culture reference? I found this adorable cross stitch pattern on the Etsy shop: wee little stitches. I’ll be sporting this today as we check out “Grandma’s House” a crafty brewery on South Broadway here in Denver. Every Sunday they do Foul Mouthed Cross Stitch Sundays. We will be there from 12-5. Hope to see you there. Don’t forget your stitchin!

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Cross Craft Sundays in our P.J.’s

Happy 2017! I haven’t posted in so long – don’t really know why, maybe it was the holidays, or year end business, or most likely that there was so much going on I couldn’t even decide what to write about, let alone take the time to do it. Well, a new year always brings new concepts for me, so I’ve decided to take the artsy craftsy stuff I write about and turn them into tutorial videos on YouTube, in case anyone reading wants to know how I’m working a particular technique.

Introducing: Cross Craft Sundays! The very first one is on knitting my most favorite ‘second day hair slouch hat’ that I wear all the time. Well, every other day, anyway. Even if you’ve never knit before, you will be able to watch the video (in your p.j.s, even) and be able to make one for yourself. And I am always standing by to answer questions and help you through. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and you’ll get email notifications when a new vid is posted.

Here is the rewritten version of this free pattern I found from Garnstudio’s website and a link to their page. So many free patterns! Check them out!


I have a limited quantity of hat kits (8) on my Etsy shop, where I have also recently added some fabrics I still have on the bolt from my shop inventory. $8 per yard.


Finally, I want to share the very first ever  (and of many to come) Quilt As Inspired retreat. Click on or cut and paste the link below for more information. Retreats are the perfect way to truly escape from the daily grind, get together with fellow arts and crafts enthusiasts for a few days and explore your own creativity. There are 4 spots left for this one on Labor Day weekend, 2017. Cute lounging pajamas mandatory. I will be adding more retreats to the website soon.



I hope 2017 brings you much love, joy, good health, and last but certainly not least, many many opportunities to find time to stay in your p.j.’s and make stuff.

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Diversity Rules

So years ago, I procured this quilt from an antique store. I’m sure it was well under $100. And because I have always been like the Berkenstock wearing Bette Midler in a society-attempted Stepford world, this is the one that sits on our bed. Plus it’s super warm.

The fabrics are crazy, having nothing to do with each other, except that maybe they were a part of the maker’s life for a time. Maybe from other quilts? Clothes? Who knows? Some patches are cotton, while others are more than likely bullet proof-durable in their charming industrial-made syntheticness. It’s so cooky, I can’t even tell what era this is from, but admittedly, I’m just a kid born in 1970. I know some of you looking at this probably could recognize a fabric or two!

Most of it is hand-pieced, although you can tell that a later relative might have taken it over and machine pieced the last square and then machine pieced the squares together. And it’s not quilted, rather tied to a crazy little bow tie print backing (and who knows what kind of batting) every 8″ or so with bubble gum pink embroidery floss.

Why pink? Why any of these fabrics? Certainly this was not a carefully planned quilt with perfect seams and sharp corners. Yet they all co-exist in the same framework, bringing me joy when my eyes travel over the patchwork, stopping to look at each individual piece, admiring it for what it is and how it plays with its neighbor. Wondering about the history of each piece and what purpose it served before being thrown in with so many other fabrics each with their own unique quality. And now it lives here with us. I wonder where it will live when it travels next. Will it be loved and appreciated by its next procurers? If they are open minded, I guess. I like to hope so.

I am a huge a fan of this utilitarian quilt, most likely made from scraps, to keep someone warm, having so many different pieces from so many different places.

You know. Like us. Just individuals wandering the earth amongst the richness and colorful characters of our fellow man. All trying to keep warm, find beauty in our journey, and get along.


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Brushing Teeth = Surface Design

Do you wander around the room when you brush your teeth? I do. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s my need to multi-task. Tooth brushing is boring. Anyway…

We are back in the states, currently in Port Angeles, Wa at the Olympic Lodge, which (I found while brushing) has a cool textured wallpaper design. Aha! 

Since surface design is always on my brain, and of course I travel with art supplies instead of clothes, I whipped out a piece of tracing paper and a brown Derwent and went right to it. 

Of course, I did not think about the noise of taking the rubbing on one of the neighboring walls of our room. Those people must be so pleased. But hey it’s 8 am guys. Time to get up!

Here’s what I came up with:

I like the random patterning of the vines, yet still harmonious in their meandering. Each little section could be a different piece of fabric, pieced together in a million different possible ways to create an image, stained glass or just to play with color and value. 

Or fill the spaces with embroidery designs like I did with this maple leaf during the last two days on the wharf:

Or lay it over the doodles I did from last night’s Willy Wonka (the original of course) movie fest with my mom:

And i now have leaves climbing the outer stucco walls in some European country tea house. 

Possibilities of a random rubbing of a random hotel wall are endless. Quiet your mind, look not only deep within, but closer to the mundane things around you. You’ll discover an inner artist and your own beautiful world that only you get to rule. It’s like being royalty. If you’re into that sort of thing.

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